Ugh! Squash it! Sadly, that is the opinion held by many children today when they are confronted with something that creeps or crawls. They don’t want to get sweaty. They don’t want to get dirty.

At Tantebane we provide a safe natural setting where children can dig in and explore everything around them, from the thundering heavens above to the smallest creeping thing on the earth. We make use of structured activities to encourage appreciation of the environment and the importance of caring for it.

We also provide opportunities for children to get to know who they are as individuals, giving them a chance to develop their social and physical selves. They will be given opportunities to reflect on their experiences and will learn to apply what they have discovered about themselves, others and the world in general. We hope to allow children to develop their self-confidence, physical ability and interpersonal skills so they can reach out to their dreams of tomorrow and chase them down relentlessly!

ENJOYMENT- enjoy the outdoors, smile often!
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS - develop environmental interest
SOCIAL AWARENESS - develop self awareness & social skills
CONFIDENCE - be positive about oneself, display that confidence
ACTIVITY SKILLS - build up sports skills and technical “bush” skills
KEY SKILLS - enhance communication, teamwork, leadership, problem solving skills
PERSONAL QUALITIES - improve self-reliance, responsibility, commitment
INCREASED MOTIVATION - become self-motivated, be able to work through challenges

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